lake baikal

Lake Baikal is spectacular for many reasons.

But besides its fantastic location and extra ordinary scenery, we can also say that it is a land of unique animals, as well.

Officially, more than half of the fauna creatures here are rare and even protected by the international eco laws. Discover the fauna in Lake Baikal with us now and get to know it even closer…

Lake Baikal is mainly the home of turbellarian worms, amphipod custaceans and freshwater snails. And more than 150 species (from which 117 are endemic species like Benedictiiane and Valvatidae family creatures), because they are they are the main inhabitants here. But these are not the only creatures a person can meet in the lake`s region.

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lake baikal


Here, there are also more than 18 sponge types. About 14 species from the Lubomirskiidae family, as well as dozens of fish types to discover and to eat with pleasure, too. Also, we cannot forget about golomyanka – one of the most attractive and really weird fish. It is also known as the oil fish and by its name you can guess how rich in omega 3 and omega 6 acids it is.

Definitely, richer than the so-popular as a healthy food salmon! However, the most common fish in Lake Baikal is by all means the omul.

The omul is so typical for the lake baikal that all the nearest places to accommodate – including the resort areas. They do offer omul as a local specialty no one should leave the place without trying.

There is a discussion – yet, whether seals come to Lake Baikal. Some experts believe that many people mistaken them with the local nerpas.
But if you know them both you will be able to see many differences between them.

Thus, the nerpas, unlike the seals, are richer in blood, which is the main reasons they can swim for such a long time.

According to the official researches nerpas can swim up to 70 hours with no stop.

lake baikal