lake baikal


We all know that Lake Baikal is the deepest lake in the world and it is also the winner in the “biggest freshwater lake” category, too. But these are all facts we can learn from the geography classes our kids attend. Though, it could be a pity for you to miss the really curious information about the lake. Today, you are lucky to see the most intriguing facts about Lake Baikal.

Unlike the rumors and the common opinions about the lake, currently there are no active volcanos near Baikal Lake.

Local people and fishermen, who are in charge for Lake Baikal region often, see a glowing orb here. This is yet a scientific phenomenon that few experts can actually explain.
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There is also one more mystery around Lake Baikal. If you are in the space, you might be lucky to see things that have been photographed years ago as another phenomenon – weird dark rings that have constant permanent location and no reasonable explanation how they appear there and what they actually are.

Lake Baikal is thought to be the oldest lake on the globe. Scientists of all types have proved and claim the lake was formed more than 34 million years ago. Still, there are experts, who argue about this fact, saying that the origination began 25 million years ago, which is still a fact that makes Baikal the oldest lake on the earth.


lake baikal

Baikal Mountains are the only surroundings of Lake Baikal. But the curious thing about them is that they move – sometimes up and then, back down.

Here, scientists have detected one of the highest storms on the earth ever. Some of these storms reached a height of above 5 meters.

Lake Baikal is filled with the clearest freshwater ever. If you look down, you can see the flora and fauna 40 meters below! This is why when there are ice forms on the lake, they are 100% transparent.