lake baikal


The region where Lake Baikal is located at is typical with sharp continental climate. The climate, of course, is the main reason for the diverse flora we can find here.


The weird shore formation accommodate dozens of rare plants that are still parts of the local attractions and intrigue a scientist`s or a tourist`s interest as much as the lake, itself. Steppes and taiga bring a big abundance of deep and damp forests that are also known by the name of Khamar-Daban.


lake baikal


The word that can describe the flora in Lake Baikal in short is mixture. Indeed, mixed forests and mixed plants among the nearby valley represent the region as an individual eco system with a unique charm.

In most cases, a visitor can see larch, pine, birch and aspen trees. Their needles hang like real swords, if you look the lake from above.



But if you are among this flora, you will feel as you are surrounded by a mysterious fantasy land, where different species and plants live in a total peace together.

Because inside these trees, you will also find sweet blueberries, beautiful orchid flowers, yellow kingcups bloom, as well as bilberry, raspberry and stone bramble. If you are still on the delicious topic of the local flora story.


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Flowers in Lake Baikal are also very romantic and cute. Here, you can see amazing violets, red martagon lily, the sophisticated flower of blue delphinium and intoxicating little plants with awesome smell and even medicine application, if you are a homeopathy follower.


Last, but not least, let`s not forget to count the balsamic poplar, the bergenia as the main representative of hygrophilous plants, plus – the hellebores, the globeflowers, as well as the anemones.

In short, flora in Lake Baikal is as rich as its water – clear, crystal, curious and impressive as a real gem inside the natural inheritance of Mother Natura.


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