lake baikal


Lake Baikal got Pearl of Siberia as a second name dozens of years ago.

It has been proclaimed as the gem of Russia, but mainly, people recall of the pearl-style nickname, when they here of this wonderful lake. The question that might bother your mind, too, is why? What makes Russian (and not only) people to say Lake Baikal is their Pearl of Siberia? Get the answer now!

The thing is not a single thing that makes Lake Baikal such a big treasure for Siberian land, people and Russian country, as well. By the way, many factors have made this lake a real natural gem everyone that has a chance to should discover. Here are the main factors…
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lake baikal


  1. Lake Baikal is the most enormous freshwater lake. It is so fresh that fish types here are extremely many – including rare species.

  2. But Lake Baikal is indeed a very clear pool. When it comes not only to lakes, specifically, but also to big water basins. It is so clear that it is possible can see beneath it – up to 40 meters. Moreover – when the water freezes ice become transparent – like mirrors that reflect the overall surrounding land, giant mountains and amazing valley.

  3. As to the industrial status of Lake Baikal, Russian experts and expeditors have called it Pearl of Siberia due to actual economy reasons. Back, during the first decades of 20th century, it has started its first years as a resort. A place that even though not habited for such a long time. Мany people, offered more than 1000 vacant job positions. This happened, when the era of hotel Mayak began.

  4. The lake is also an oil state center of pipelines. As a region with such a big source of oil, it wash, though, “attacked” by eco activists, too. During the first years of the new millennium they tried to stop the local industrial activity. Mostly aiming to put the accent back on the natural beauty of Lake Baikal.


lake baikal