lake baikal


Lake Baikal and the region around are mysterious enough.

So local people have no secret intention to make fake stories and attract journalists or tourists. So this is why we tend to believe – maybe, the creature all Siberians talk about and claim to have seen or at least to have heard of from their closest friends is a true. It is a fact, though, that there is no scientific explanation yet beyond the nature and the origin of the mysterious creature in Lake Baikal…

What most people from here will tell you about the creature from Lake Baikal?

This is the Monster or Lusud-Khan (in some regions it is also known as Usan-Lobson Khan). In English, the translation means Water Dragon Master. According to the local legends and rumors, this is a strange humanized animal that looks like big sturgeon with forked tongue and strange claws.

It has plate-like armor and you can see it only in the dark or in the early morning, when usually fishermen prepare for their daily job. As a matter of fact, the fishermen were the ones that in most cases report for seeing the beasts. They usually say that the crystal clear water Baikal Lake has is the only reason they can be 100% sure to have really seen something. And it is neither human, nor a bear or some other local animal.
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Later, when Chinese exploration began to flood Siberian land they moved towards Lake Baikal, the creatures became many.

According to their researchers, there are dragon fishes beyond the deep waters of the lake. They called them Gods of Lake Baikal.

Today`s stories about the mysterious creature in Lake Baikal describe the monster as an elusive animal. It swims very fast and appears on the surface only when it is angry and fishermen “steal its favorite fish”…Scared? Don`t worry! It`s just a legend!