Lake Baikal is the deepest and the oldest lake.


There is stored 20 % of the unfrozen fresh water on the Earth. There are no towns, no roads and traffic, just calmness and stillness. But even that there are many things that happened around and over the lake.
In the winter time, the Lake Baikal is the best and only great place for ice sailing boats. There is a long winter, constant low temperatures between 40 and 50 degrees negative, permanent winds, vast ice-smooth and magical lake surface. The people are astonished by the hard ice which was left there.

Many traditional ice places in Europe were affected by the Global warning and just disappeared. That’s why many sailors from all over the world travelled long distances to race on the amassing lake baikal surface.

lake baikal 2017

The last Ice Sailing Championship took place in April 2017. 79 DN sailors participated. In a whole week, they raced and enjoyed the wonderful ice sailing conditions.
Pollution of Lake Baikal is an issue which rose in last two decades. The huge plant Baykalsk Paper and Pulp Mill, established during the Soviet era in 1966 was the biggest reason for pollution of the lake.

There were employed more than 2,000 people, who were redundant after closing the plan down in 2013. Many people wanted to protect this spectacular lake by closing down the lake, but their desires were fulfilled for economic reason, because of the big debts of the mill.

Five years later there is a different type of problems at Lake Baikal.

Many local peoples realized that their daily habit and their toilets are the problems. Now they are thinking in a different way and teaching younger people that the lake needs a protection to be preserved for next generation.

The other huge problem is how to restrict the big wave of Chinese tourists, who consider the lake as a very romantic destination. Since 2014, after the collapse of the Russian rouble, they could not be stopped to visit the region. Now the main businesses of local people are the green hotels for tourists, ecological production of juices and dried fruit from the area, etc.

lake baikal picture 2017

Now the Lake Baykal is promoted as a nature destination. Every summer thousands of volunteers are attracted. The Great Baikal Trail is organizing developing the hiking trails, and especially building environmentally friendly toilets. The Russian government also is engaged in ecological preservation policy of the lake Baikal.

In late June 2017 after severe and cold weather, the vast wildfire has been spread across the southern Siberia.

According to the Russian media more the 27,000 hectares have been burned in Irkutsk region and all neighbours’ regions. The reason for most of the wildfires is the careless and irresponsible attitude of humans.
The NASA satellite indicates that the high range of wildfires over the region. Influenced the aerosol index and on 22 June it reached 19. Which is an indication of dense smoke at high altitude. And the pollution of the atmosphere with ash and particles are very high.

In August the weather is wonderful for swimming. Тo enjoy the water and the sunshine and you can spend a wonderful time at the night beach party at the lake Baikal.
All the year is full of the events and what to do. The big lake is full of life and can give you an opportunity to spend a wonderful vacation in nature.