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We all know the famous Lake Baikal, but are we really, fully or at least partially aware of its nature? Do we know all the important facts about it or we have just met its name – via National Geographic channel or during our geography classes at school? The time to fill all of the gaps you have has probably come. Find out all the important and curious facts about Lake Baikal and know the top features and qualities it is popular with across the whole world now!


It is the lake with the biggest depth parameters on the entire globe! Lake Baikal has an approximate depth of 1.632 meters, which is more than just impressive, isn’t it?

But Lake Baikal represents the most giant lake with fresh water. According to the statistics, this amount reaches 23 thousand cubic km.

Being about 640 km long, Lake Baikal can be mistaken with a sea. Actually, it is longer than many seas in the world.


lake baikal


They have not fully proved it, but Lake Baikal seems to be the oldest lakes in the world. Historic experts today claim that it has existed for more than 20 million years.

If you visit Lake Baikal and the weather is clear, you will be able to see 40 meters in deep. This makes the lake one of the clearest one on the planet.



50% of the plants and creatures that inhabit Lake Baikal are rare, unique or ever threaten to disappear from our eco system.

Baikal has just a single outlet, which is Angara, but in addition to this, approximately 300 streams, as well as rivers flow into its pool.

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lake baikal


Just like the best seaside or ocean resorts, Baikal lake can boast with a great amount of islands. According to the official facts, it has more than 20 islands. Also, a big part of them are not inhabited at all. Actually, they have never been inhabited by people.


lake baikal