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The Russian Lake Baikal is well-known across the whole globe.

Not only one of the longest and the deepest lakes, but also one of the most spectacular natural scenery. It has a stunning geographic location that deserves few words to be said about.


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Lake Baikal is situated among a beautiful deserted valley. Тhat is characterized with cute riffs that embrace the water basin. The valley, itself, is formed by Baikal Riff Zone.
To be more specific, this is the place, where the crust has started to fall apart.

The local cold climate is due to the surrounding scenery. Lake Baikal have magnificent mountains with unreachable peaks and wonderful forests of rare species and fauna.

These are the Baikal Mountains – popular with their unbearable coldness in most time of the year. There is the giant taiga territory, which has been turned into a national park with significant meaning to the whole Russian natural inheritance.


Even though called both – Russian and Asian – the exact location of Lake Baikal is in the South-East area of the cold Siberian land.

All of these make the situation of the lake baikal not just perfect or spectacular, but also an amazing opportunity to visit. Both – mysterious inhabited land. Lake Baikal is full with so many “the most” features like being the deepest lake, the largest freshwater lake and etc.

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lake baikal


What we can also name as a curious geographic fact about Lake Baikal is that is artificially divided into two zones by the scientists.

They call these zones the Central and the South basis. But many experts believe that we can also point the North zone. As a matter of fact represents an area of the deepest lake points. The Central and the North basins are beautifully cut into pieces by the Academician Ridge.

Here is where you can also observe the Selenga Delta. And also the amazing Buguldeika Saddle that becomes a cross line for the Central and the South.


lake baikal