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Visiting Lake Baikal is a great opportunity to discover a new world, to see one of the world`s natural gem, to meet the deepest lake and to look beyond the crystal water to observe a million-species fauna and flora. But before getting a ticket to Russia and considering how to reach the lake – you can choose either by rail, or by bus, please, have in mind all of the following things you need to know before visiting the brilliant and impressive Lake Baikal.


The food – seaside food haters should be prepared to go on a diet. Because here, locals will treat them mainly with fish. But don`t worry – there are many new fish types you can taste here. For the first time and eventually you might even start liking fish dishes.


Climate – of course, you need to get both of your warmest winter jackets, because for five months everything here, including the lake, is in ice.


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Where to accommodate? If you imagine village-styled guess houses here only, you are wrong.
Actually, the local tourism industry has advanced a lot.Also you might even find amazing 4-star hotels with spa procedures and all inclusive programs.


What to do here? Besides observing the amazing local nature – the Lake Baikal, itself, the flora and the fauna. You might also go skiing, hunting, cycling in extreme winter conditions, taking a tour to the mountains and more.

But make sure all of these extreme activities are performed with a local guide. It is a bit dangerous for people, who are not used to the national traditions and the Lake Baikal`s cultural lifestyle.



Last, but not least – don`t forget to get souvenirs for your friends and relatives. Because let`s face it – few people have the chance to visit Lake Baikal.

The souvenir shops here are called omul sellers, as a matter of fact.

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lake baikal