lake baikal


Not only because being so large and surrounded by such a big area of mountainous and valley spaces. It is also due to its mysterious history and overall popularity, Lake Baikal has its own culture, its own traditions. Through the years the local Siberians have established their own lifestyle, a way of living that to some of you might be weird or even odd, but to them – an alternative to survive and to have their own cultural and historical inheritance. To introduce you more of this cultural abundance, we would like to tell you few words about the local old, but gold traditions at Lake Baikal.


There is a tradition called the Right of Passage. According to it, a boy becomes a man once it kills his first bear. Imagine that! Here, in the modern civilized world we say a man should plant a tree and build a house, but a bear…We are thought to hide and run from them bears!

The Holy-Pit Stop is a tradition that is devoted to people, who come to have a trip here. Locals teach the tourists to stop at any place, where there are stores. This is in order to stock with “everything necessary”, which Siberians call Vodka and snacks in case they get stuck!

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During such a road you might see big trees that are all embraced with ribbons. Mainly, there are blue ribbons, but your job here is to leave a coin. It is not that coin that makes a wish of yours to come true. It is a coin that shows your respect to the local culture, because the trees are called to be holly places! Well, considering the fact that the richness of different tree types here is so big, we can agree – trees are holly plants around Lake Baikal.

Keep in mind these traditions not to get embarrassed or not prepared, when you decide to visit Baikal Lake!